What We Know About Israel’s Strike in Iran

Israel struck Iran early on Friday, according to officials from both countries, in what appeared to be its first military response to the Iranian attack on Israel last weekend.

The strike was the latest in a cycle of retaliation between the two foes that has alarmed world leaders, who fear that back-and-forth attacks could erupt into a broader war.

Here is a look at what we know about the strike and its implications.

What did Israel strike?

Iranian officials said on Friday that an Israeli strike hit a military air base near Isfahan, a city in central Iran. The scale and method of the attack were unclear.

Iranian officials said a separate Israeli attack was thwarted in Tabriz, a region roughly 500 miles north of Isfahan. Iranian news agencies said explosions were heard near both cities.

The state media in Syria, a major Iranian ally that borders Israel, said also that Israeli missiles had hit air-defense positions in southern Syria on Friday.

The Israeli military declined to comment.

Why did Israel strike?

Israel attacked Iran in retaliation for a large Iranian attack on Israeli territory last weekend that included more than 300 missiles and drones.

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