52 mins ago

    Reporter Arrested While Covering News Conference in Ohio

    The reporter for “NewsNation,” Evan Lambert, was arrested after officers said he was being too loud while the Ohio governor…
    2 hours ago

    TV Viewership Declines for Biden’s State of the Union Speech

    Fox News attracted the biggest audience of the night, while CNN’s viewership fell by half from a year ago.
    5 hours ago

    Searching for Streaming Profit, Disney Cuts $5.5 Billion in Costs

    In the company’s first earnings report since Bob Iger returned as C.E.O., it exceeded Wall Street’s expectations. But about 7,000…
    8 hours ago

    Bing (Yes, Bing) Just Made Search Interesting Again

    Google has stiff competition now, after Microsoft integrated powerful A.I. technology into its search engine.
    9 hours ago

    President Biden Is Not Backing Off His Big-Government Agenda

    In his first appearance before a Republican House, the president renewed calls for large new economic programs and offered no…
    17 hours ago

    Uber Reports Record Revenue as It Defies the Economic Downturn

    The company, which was hit hard in the early stages of the pandemic, saw revenue jump 49 percent from the…
    18 hours ago

    Biden Makes His Business Case in the State of the Union

    The president took credit for strong job growth and his legislative agenda that’s boosted investment in infrastructure and clean energy…
    19 hours ago

    The Times Reports 11% Increase in Revenue as Digital Subscriptions Climb

    The company said it added more than a million digital subscribers in 2022, bringing its total number of paying subscribers…
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