Judge John Hodgman on Galentine’s Day

Louis writes: My partner, Robin, enjoys hosting themed get-togethers with friends and goes all out with invitations, menus and décor. Galentine’s Day (the Valentine’s Day celebration for gal pals only) is her annual highlight, and she looks forward to it for months. This year, she wanted to send out save-the-dates in October. I said this was too early for most people. Who’s right?

I know Robin’s just excited, but she may be stressing her gals out. Young people deserve to pretend that they have all the time in the world and can live a life of fizzy spontaneity. One invitation, after January, is plenty. Otherwise it’s like stores that decorate for Christmas the day after Halloween. Maybe some people enjoy it. But it mostly reminds us: Time is short, and we are all hurtling toward the grave. (Which, by the way, is the theme of my birthday party next June 3. Save the date!)

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