A Very Famous Model Stars in a Very Pixelated Book of Wigs

Guido Palau was sitting in an airport lounge in Miami, on his way to New York. Kaia Gerber was sitting in a car in Los Angeles, on her way to the airport.

“This is exactly what our life is like,” Mr. Palau said on their group call. “Story of our life,” Ms. Gerber echoed.

Still, at the end of 2022, they found a day off to “play together,” Mr. Palau said.

He made some wigs. Ms. Gerber modeled them. Mr. Palau and his assistants filmed her on their iPhones, then took screenshots from their videos. Those screenshots became images in Mr. Palau’s latest book, “Hidden Identities,” to be released on May 4 by Idea.

“We live in a world where so many of the images we’re seeing are high-definition and curated,” Ms. Gerber said — unlike the pixelated and blurry images of “Hidden Identities,” which Mr. Palau has described as banal and amateurish.

“Not being precious about it created a sense of artistic freedom,” she said.

Ms. Gerber, 22, is a model and actress. She has starred in campaigns for Alaïa and Celine, as well as comedies like the Apple TV+ series “Palm Royale” and the lesbian teen romp “Bottoms.” She has a book club and an off-duty style that has been described variously as “hot girl librarian” and “granny chic.”

Credit…Idea, 2024
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