‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’: 5 Takeaways From the Documentary

Since 2021, daytime television viewers and pop culture fanatics alike have been wondering, where is Wendy Williams?

Over the weekend, a Lifetime documentary series tried to answer that question.

For a while, Williams’s struggles were seen on air on multiple occasions. On a 2017 Halloween episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” she fainted during a live taping, which she later attributed to her diagnosis of Graves’s disease, an immune system disorder.

In 2019, Williams announced on the show that she was staying in a sober living home, and then a month later, she filed for divorce from her husband. She last filmed her talk show on July 23, 2021, and the following year, when a court appointed a legal guardianship to oversee Williams’s finances, the state of her mental and physical health was unclear.

It turns out that, until Williams entered a facility to treat her cognitive issues in 2023, cameras had been following her and documenting it all for a series on which Williams and her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., are listed as executive producers.

Last week, as Lifetime prepared to air the resulting footage in “Where Is Wendy Williams?,” Williams’s guardian, whose identity is redacted throughout the documentary, requested a temporary restraining order to block the network from airing it — but a judge turned down the request, citing the First Amendment.

At the same time, Williams’s care team revealed that the host, 59, had been diagnosed with progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, which affect language, communication behavior and cognitive function.

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