Model-Off-Duty Style Evolves

A statement that might surprise no one: Many models who make a living by wearing clothes also have great personal style. But the “off duty” wardrobe lots of them have been known for — which was often some combination of white T-shirt and jeans — has evolved. This evolution was on display at Milan Fashion Week, where some of the most interesting looks worn by models were on the street.

That’s not to say there wasn’t memorable fashion on the runways. For his first Tom Ford collection, the designer Peter Hawkings showed short shorts that made miniskirts seem modest. Jil Sander took fringe to unexpected places, like the ankles of heeled boots. And Giorgio Armani accessorized looks with majestic bangles, which were a refreshing alternative to the friendship bracelets on wrists all over Milan (and the world) thanks to Taylor Swift.

I couldn’t let the singer Wizkid slip by at the Gucci show without capturing his slippers.

One way to stimulate onlookers? Wearing a tea bag as an earring.
The orange cross-body sweater was a smart complement to the vertical stripes.
You’ve probably been told to eat greens. This is a reminder to wear them, too.
Tom Ford’s velvet suiting fit models like a glove.
It’s hard to put a number on the unusual moments that can happen at shows.
A particularly good pairing of disheveled hair with distressed denim.
Nothing matched, but everything worked.
Their combination of curls, kinks and waves was captivating.
Pick a bracelet, any bracelet.
Or go bolder with bulbous bangles like these shown by Giorgio Armani.
Practicality has its virtues. But as suggested by his smile, center left, it can be exhilarating to wear a webbed top in the rain.
Fringe was ubiquitous on the streets at New York Fashion Week. In Milan, it popped up on several runways, including at Ferragamo.
At Giorgio Armani, bedazzled fringe gave certain pieces extra sparkle.
Moschino used beaded fringe to trim jackets at the hems and on the sleeves.
After seeing Jil Sander’s fringed boots, the photographer Tommy Ton said, “I have friends who will fight for those shoes.”
Clothes weren’t all there was to look at during the Bally show. The runway snaked around an open courtyard with lush landscaping.
An alluring juxtaposition of long jacket and short tie.
With one glimpse of her necktie, pearl necklaces suddenly seemed stale.
At the MM6 Margiela show, loose-fitting items were styled with tighter layers, giving outfits some visible tension.
Subtle details — pants in different shades, bags in different materials — made their similar outfits more personal.
This off-duty model outside the Bally show demonstrated how black denim shorts can look more refined with the right belt and with knee-high boots.
Behind her great dress was a great zipper.
Just out of frame: The hundreds of fans who were waiting for these members of Enhypen, a K-pop group, to arrive at the Prada show.
Her clothes defied convention.
A good jacket, like the one on this model outside the Sunnei show, can elevate almost any outfit.

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