Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy on Haters, List Makers and Sharing Art You Love

Hosted by Lulu Garcia-Navarro

Produced by Sophia Alvarez Boyd

Edited by Anabel Bacon and Kaari Pitkin

Engineered by Sonia Herrero and Carole Sabouraud

Original music by Isaac Jones, Pat McCusker and Carole Sabouraud

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Jeff Tweedy is no stranger to the best-of list. As the frontman of the alt-rock band Wilco, his name has appeared on many a year-end roundup for the better part of three decades. For him, the best art and culture is messy and experimental, but what’s chosen for those lists isn’t. So why do we turn to them to encapsulate the culture of a year? To close out 2022, the musician speaks with Lulu Garcia-Navarro about a better way to share the art we love — no lists required.

(A full transcript of the episode will be available midday on the Times website.)

Credit…Alexa Viscius

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“First Person” was produced this week by Sophia Alvarez Boyd. It was edited by Anabel Bacon and Kaari Pitkin. Mixing by Sonia Herrero and Carole Sabouraud. Original music by Isaac Jones, Pat McCusker and Carole Sabouraud. Fact-checking by Mary Marge Locker and Kate Sinclair. The rest of the “First Person” team includes Stephanie Joyce, Olivia Natt, Wyatt Orme and Jillian Weinberger. Special thanks to Kristina Samulewski, Shannon Busta, Allison Benedikt, Annie-Rose Strasser and Katie Kingsbury.

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